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Voice for Speakers

The quality and reliability of your voice are two vital aspects that are the vehicle for your message.  The words follow.      


With Zoe Vandermeer's expert training, you will gain the skills you need in the art of delivery, vocal production, presentation skills, overcoming the fear of public speaking, and communication acumen for the board room, consulting, phone conferences, zoom, Ted Talks, interviews, Podcasts, TV and stage.


In addition to expert training in voice, recording and video services are available for your business presence, assistance in developing your podcast, and on-location video of your public speaking engagements.

Select the voice training package that best works for you:

  • 30 minute phone consultation.

  • 1.5 hour zoom consultation.

  • 1.5 hour in-person consultation at your office in the Greater Hartford area.

After the initial consultation, we can discuss next steps for your training.

Zoe works with executives, attorneys, women in business, authors, and arts organizations.   Clients include State Farm Insurance, Voya Insurance, Benevolent Technologies, Ghirardelli Associates, Port of Oakland, IRS, Meridian Deployment, Eyecron, Bay Yacht and Shipping, Harbor Bay Club, Network for Youth Development, Jensen Foundation, Fitness Together, ESL clients, attorneys, women in business, arts organizations, and authors.

Contact Zoe directly at

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