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Voice Lessons
Online with Zoe Vandermeer

Zoe is a truly intuitive and extremely knowledgeable teacher with the ability to bring out the best in her students.  - Hattie, Soprano Soloist, Choral

I just want to say thank you for all of the lessons.  I've learned so much from you and appreciate your kindness and patience. - Sarah, Soprano


Singers learn how to breathe effectively for singing, remove vocal strain, expand the range, gain stamina, learn flexibility, build vocal power, balance the vocal registers, discover individual artistic expression and nuance, and improve overall artistic performance for both the stage and the recording studio.

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Actors learn how to project more easily, experience better body/voice alignment, how to switch from singing to speaking and vice versa, how to develop character voices while honoring vocal health, learn voiceover skills, improve diction, and build vocal stamina.



Get your questions answered about your voice in an initial half hour or one hour online voice consultation with Zoe Vandermeer.  

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Learn about Vocal Health.


Zoe Vandermeer has coached many singers on their demos and albums, both in-studio and in preparation for recording projects. 

As Zoe is also a recording artist, she fully understands the demands of recording process and how to get the best results. 

If you are in a situation where you are in the midst of actually recording, and are having difficulties with your voice, Zoe can help you on zoom or by phone so you can sing your best. 

Not only has Zoe Vandermeer worked with producers and recording engineers on singers' projects, she has been a recording engineer and producer for many singers in New York City, Connecticut and California, both in-studio and on-location.   


Zoe Vandermeer has significant experience helping singers and speakers in the area of vocal health and vocal rehabilitation.   She has worked in tandem with voice doctors (who care for the professional voice) with singers suffering from various kinds of vocal trauma ranging from vocal nodules, to dysphonia, hemorrhage and polyps, stroke, and more.    


Zoe Vandermeer periodically offers Master Classes on a wide variety of topics including Audition Techniques, Overcoming Stage Fright, Effective Diction, Song Interpretation, How to Learn a Song, Vocal Pedagogy, Ornamentation (Riffs, Runs, and Scat), and more.

The Singers Forum is a free online event open to enrolled singing and acting students.  It is about an hour in length and takes place approximately every two months.  It provides aspiring and professional artists with an opportunity to try out their material in a supportive no-judgment setting.   A singer can present just part of, or an entire a song, or an actor can run through a monologue, for example.   The session is not recorded to protect confidentiality.


Music Theory is an excellent class for singers.  A winning combination for the Complete Singer is to be able to play piano and know music theory inside and out.   It's worth it, and it is very accessible with the training Zoe Vandermeer provides - no previous experience needed!


Being able to play piano is a 'must' for singers.  Having solid skills in both piano and music theory make it possible for singers to 1) be their own boss when working with recording engineers and producers, 2) to learn songs without having to rely on a recording, 3) and to be familiar with all aspects of the song or aria, not just the melody.  These skills empower the singer to be the best musician they can be!  Zoe Vandermeer teaches piano/keyboard for beginning to advanced levels.   


Have a good idea for a song, but not sure how to put it all together?  Zoe Vandermeer will guide you on the path towards becoming a wonderful songwriter, with both lyrics and composition.  

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